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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Important of Computer


Computer today have become very important in day by day walk of a common man. They are playing vital role in every part of life. As an example can to say airlines, rail way, electricity board, banking, school to home, telephone exchange or personal. The list of services is using computers almost endless. It has become a standard future in the university and individual laboratories. Now it uses is not limited to any particular field ,it uses universal and unique.

Computer is a machine developed by humans, due to which it is also compared to human mind. Hardly difficult addition, subtraction, division and multiplication etc. 

Computer is such an amazing thing that due to its features has become an important need of the day. Today, in addition to filling electricity, telephone bills with the help of computer, ticket booking can also be done. It can be used for a long time by storing important data related to your work in the computer.

Be it the field of sports, be it of engineering or medicine, then the field of science, the use of computers is increasing day by day in all places. You can do all these things very easily by adding internet facility to your computer. Because the Internet is also an important part of science, through which you can exchange a lot of information from one place to another in minutes, with the help of this you can get information related to any subject through internet. Apart from this, it is used in reading paper, forecasting the weather and sending emails and then video chat.

Computer is also a great source of entertainment, on this you can listen to songs, watch movies etc. It can also play a lot of games. Young children entertain themselves by painting on computers. Apart from this, many different new designs can be made on computer. The computer works so fast that human beings do that work in weeks or days, computer does it in hours or minutes. Human beings can be wrong in their work but any work done by computer is never wrong.

Today, computers have kept information from all over the world in hand, computer has brought a huge revolution in the field of information and communication. Today, we are living in the world of computers, from large and small offices to house-to-house use, and considering its importance, it is being made an essential part in universities and universities. That is why with the importance of computers and constant use, we can say that computer has become an important part of today's life.
 Now that computer is playing a big role everywhere, learning computer is also necessary for everyone. That is why computers are taught in all schools and colleges and different technologies are also taught using computers. With the help of computer, whether a small child needs to learn paint brush or poem or a college student to learn animation course, computer helps a lot. The use of computers in education is not limited to just teaching computers, but its use is increasing in all types of education teaching. Whether electrical science or automobile, whether space research or software course, computers and new software are being used to learn different technologies in any field. By using computers, teaching students creatively with visualization of things. Can teach. When computers are used in the classroom, creativity and imagination grow in students' minds. Different types of drawing tools for Teaching are used in software, spreadsheet, audio, video and power point presentations. With this, students can learn the subject deeply and accurately.

In today's date, no business can be thought of without a computer. Initially, when the use of computer started, computer was considered only support system for business but now business operation cannot be performed without computer. Today, the entire business is managed and controlled by the computer itself. Businesses and companies do all the work from computer help to marketing, business planning, customer data storage, inventory, accounting, communication, banking, transaction etc. Businesses also use computer and internet to hire and manage employees.

Computer is very power full tools, but no work done by its own. There is example are bellow-

11.       Computer is very power full tools, but cannot think and make any decision on its own.

22.       Computer cannot take over all activities simply because they are less flexible then human.
33.       Computer cannot perform anything outside the defined scope.
44.       Computers do not have the potential to work out an alternative solution.
55.       The cost of computers is yet another factor, which is limiting their use.
66.       They need to be programmed for run.
77.       They cannot interpret the input.

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