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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Use of Internet

The Internet is the most modern system of information technology. You can call the Internet a world class group of different computer networks. Thousands and millions of computers in this network are connected to each other. The computer is usually connected to the Internet via a telephone line, But apart from this, there are many more. In which computer can connect to internet.

The Internet is not under any single company or government, but there are many servers connected to it, which belong to different institutions or private companies. Some popular internet services like gopher, file transfer protocol, World Wide Web are used to get information in internet. We can call the Internet as the medium of advertising worldwide. These are the easiest and cheapest means of conducting a global survey about a product. It is a very useful tool for displaying information such as reports, articles, computers etc.

Internet client is based on the server architecture in which your computer or mobile which is using the information on the internet is called client and where this information is kept safe we ​​call them server, click here to read more about it.

Usually, we use Web Browser to view the information on the Internet, these are client programs and are able to communicate with hyper text documents and display them. You can use various services available on the Internet by using a web browser.

Internet is an inter connection between several computer's of different type belonging to various network of network. It is condition of two words
                                     1> International
                                     2> Network system

History of Internet:-

Originally the Internet was used for the US military. During the Cold War, the American Army wanted a good, large, reliable communications service. In 1969, a network named ARPANET was created by connecting four computers, the progress of the Internet started correctly. By 1972, the number of computers connected to it had increased to 37. By 1973, it had expanded to England and Norway. In 1974, the Arpanet was used as a general logo, known as Telnet. Common rules for networks were made in 1982, these are called protocols. These protocols were known as TCP / IP (Transmission control protocol / Internet Protocol). In 1990, Arpanet was scrapped and the Internet remained as Network of Networks. Currently, millions or millions of computers are connected to each other through the internet. (VSNL) Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited provides network services for Internet in India.

Advantages of Internet:-
With the help of internet, we can easily pay all our bills sitting at home. On the internet, we can pay all electricity, telephone, DTH, or online shopping bills in a few minutes with the help of credit card or net banking. .

Send and receive information:-
Even if you are sitting in any corner of the world, you can send and receive many types of information or information from one place to another in a few seconds. Today, voice calls, voice messages, email, video calls can be made on the Internet, and companions can also send various types of files.

Online office:-
There are some big companies that allow their employees to work from home via the Internet. There are many online marketing and communication-related companies, whose employees do marketing through internet at their home on laptops and mobile phones.

Online Shopping:-
Now people do not even need to go to the shop again and again because now you can shop online with the help of internet sitting at home and buy goods at cheap prices without any bargaining. With the help of online shopping website, today you can not only buy goods, but if you want, you can also send gifts to your family and relatives.

Business promotion:-
As we know, now the Internet has made its way into the house. That is why through internet you can take your business far ahead if you want. All the big companies of the world are taking help of internet to take their business further. With the help of online advertising, affiliate marketing and website, companies all over the world are trying to spread their business across the globe through the Internet.

Online job information and application:-
Now it has become very easy to get applications and information for jobs. Now you can easily learn about any job with the help of the job portal website from home and can also apply for the job by visiting their website. .

Gradually freelancers are increasing on the internet who are making very good money through freelancing. Freelancer means making some money using your skills on the Internet. Today people on the internet are making money sitting at home by creating websites, online surveys, affiliate marketing, blogging, uploading videos to YouTube and many other ways.

In this modern era, internet has now become a means of entertainment at home. With the help of internet, we can listen to songs, watch movies and television. Also we can chat with our friends online on social media or social networking website.
Disadvantages of Internet
Waste of time:-
For those who use the Internet for their office work and for getting information, the Internet is very beneficial but for those who make it their habit without any means, it is nothing but a waste of time. We should use the Internet in a timely manner.

Internet is not free:-
We should take internet connection only when we need it because almost all internet providing companies charge huge internet charges. If you do not need internet much, then you can take a pre-paid internet service with the help of which you can recharge and use the internet whenever you want.

Exploitation and pornography and violent images:-

The speed of communication on the Internet is very fast. That is why people exploit and take unfair advantage by promoting false propaganda online about any of their enemies or whom they want to discredit. Also, there are many websites on the internet which contain obscene things due to which young children are getting wrong education.

Spam emails and advertisements:-
By stealing people's personal information and Email Id from the Internet, many fraudulent companies send false emails from which they defame them. Send only the emails you need. Immediately send or delete unsolicited emails in the list of Spam. Do not buy anything by email link, always go directly to a big shopping website and buy the same.

Internet Addiction & Health Effects:-
In the world, he is not addicted to alcohol or anything else for the body. There are many people who do not eat or drink without internet. The Internet also has a variety of bad health effects such as weight gain, pain in the feet and hands, eye pain and dryness, carpal tunnel syndrome, mental stress, back pain, etc.

Types of network:-
There are 3 types of network
                    1> LAN (Local Area Network)
                    2> MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
                    3> WAN (Wide Area Network)

Local area network:-
Local area network or LAN network is used to connect personal computers and workstations in which data, tools, programs etc. are shared. In LAN, data transfer (transmission) is very fast because limited computers are connected to it. Len covers a small geographical area and this network is private. Lanes are used in office building, home, hospital, school, bank etc. Lanes can be easily designed and managed.
Metropolitan area network:-
The MAN or Metropolitan area network covers an area larger than the LAN network and less than the WAN network. It connects two or more computers which can be from different cities or similar cities. It covers a large geographical area and acts as an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Man networks are difficult to design and manage. The speed of data transfer (transmission) in a man network is moderate and it is quite expensive.
Wide area network:-
www and the World Wide Network is a computer network that is spread over a large geographical area. WAN networks Telephone lines and radio waves are used to connect one LAN network to another LAN network. www may or may not be private. PSTN and satellite are used as communication medium in www network. The error and noise in www is more in transmission over a longer distance.

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