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Monday, August 12, 2019

What is Protocol?


It is the rules and regulation of an INTERNET. INTERNET is dependent on the infrastructure developed by telephone and other telecommunication companies, for transmission.Nowadays everyone is aware of Computer and Internet. On the Internet, information about the whole world is available. Whatever you search, you will get all the information on the screen of your mobile and computer within a few seconds.
While opening  the Internet, you must have been aware of some such Careful
 or you will see these names on the search bar / URL such as HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), https, FTP, PPP, SMTP. At the end of all these words is a word called Protocol (Hindi has its Protocol Protocol). Many times you must have seen Ipv4, or Ipv6 names in your mobile setting and will be heard many times. The full name of the IP is Internet Protocol.
What is protocol and its types
In the world of Protocol, Computer Science and Internet, this word has a lot of yoga donations. These are some rules through which two computers can exchange data or information with each other in the Internet. Internet service Providers(IPS) lease data circuits from the telephone network.
SMTP⇾ Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
FTPF⇾ File Transfer Protocol
IP⇾ Internet Protocol
HTTP⇾ Hypertext Transmission Protocol
HTTPS⇾ Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
       There are tools which is used to set a INTERNET -
            1> PC (Personal Computer)
            2> Phone line
            3> MODEM (Modulator and Demodulator )
            4> Connecting Software
            5> IPS (Internet service Providers)
            6>  Browsing Software (Mozila fire fox , opera mini, google chrome etc.)

IP is the full name of the Internet Protocol; you may have heard and seen these words many times. This is an addressing protocol. Both TCP and IP protocols work together. As I already told you, TCP divides the message into small packets. Each packet has an IP ADDRESS and using this address helps to deliver IP packets to the receiver or destination computer. TCP \ IP is a PROTOCOL that is used in every computer network. This is a Standard Protocol. When a computer connects to the Internet, it has an IP address from which we can find the computer. Also known as IP address tracking.
Internet Address Protocol This is a type of address through which the address of different types of computers is identified. There are some such numbers like in your laptop or mobile, you must have seen many such numbers which are called IP address. The computer that is connected to the Internet has an IP address. Otherwise, to find one of the cores of computers in the world of internet is equal. Just like you are also connected to the internet, then your computer will also have an IP address. Or from address to, the range of these addresses. The Internet Service Provider gives this address only to you.
HTTP is used to share Hyper Text between two computers. Hyper text is also a type of text that is placed inside HTML web language. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is used for web designing. Now my article you are reading is written in HTML. In a website or blog, all the codes, text, videos, images, gif, etc. are written inside HTML.

 establishes a secure Connection with the server and sends a request. When the server accepts the request and then sends a response to the client. After this, HTTP tells the server which resources the client needs, the server only provides resources to the client when it knows which resources are needed.

Ethernet is a protocol that is used in LAN (local area network) communication. It sends information in the form of digital packets. Whatever computer uses this protocol, it is necessary to use Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC).

It is a kind of card with a microchip on top of it and a unique address is coded into it. This coded address is used to find the system. After receiving the packet, it is left in the LAN network, the packet is sent to every computer in the network but the packet can receive the same computer which has the address of the Network Interface Card.

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