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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Types of printer

A printer is an online output device that prints the information received from the computer on paper. This copy of the output on the paper is called hard copy. The output of the information from the computer is very fast. And the printer could not work so fast, so the need was felt that the information can be stored in the printer itself, so the printer also has a memory from where it prints the results slowly.
"A printer is an output device that converts soft copy into hard copy."

Printing Method: - The method of printing is a very important factor in printing. Printing method has two types of Impact Printing and Non-Impact Printing.

Impact Printers are printers that leave their Impact, such as this method of typewriter printing, similar to the typewriter method that has a metal hammer or print head. This collides with paper and ribbon. In Impact Printing, characters or characters emerge on paper using the Solid Font or Dot Matrix method. There are several methods of Impact Printer. Like-

Dot Matrix Printer, Daisy Wheel Printer, Line Printer, Chain Printer, Drum Printer.
It is an Impact Printer so it makes a lot of noise while printing. The print head of this printer has a Matrix of several pins and each pin has a ribbon and a dot on the paper is printed by a dot. Several dots form a character together. The print head has a vertical group of 7, 9, 14, 18 or 24 pins. Horizontal group) Is the pin of one column at a time exits the print head Prints Dots so that a character is formed in several steps and the print head moves in the direction of the line Printing speed of Dot Matrix Printer 30 to 600 characters per second (CPS-Character Per Second) Dot Matrix Printer does not have pre-built currency characters, so it can print different size-type and character graphics (Graphics) etc. P With the help of a print head, we create characters which are obtained from memory in the form of codes (0 and 1). The print head contains an electronic circuit that decodes the character. Let's say that the print quality of this printer is not good.

It is an Impact Printer with Solid Font, it is named Daisy Wheel because its print head shape resembles a Daisy Wheel Printer with a floral cauldron (Daisy).  Is a slow printer but the clarity of its output is high, so it is used for printing letters etc. and it is called Letter Quality Printer in its print head. A wheel is a wheel, in which a character's solid font is embossed in each spoke, the wheel moves in the horizontal direction of the paper and the printable character's spoke rotates in the wheel. A small hemmer arrives at the print position from the spoke ribbon and collides on the paper so that the letter is printed on the paper. These types of printers are now very little used.

It is also an Impact Printer. Large computers require high speed printers. High speed printers can print one line page at a time instead of printing one character at a time. Speeds range from 300 to 3000 lines per minute. These printers are used for large tasks in mini and mainframe computers. Line printers are of three types.
Drum Printer, Chain Printer, Band Printer
A Drum Printer consists of a fast moving drum (Drum) on whose surface the characters emerge, a band (Band) is a set of all the letters (Set), many such bands on the entire drum Are so that the characters can be printed in each position of the line on the paper. The drums rotate rapidly and print a line in a rotation. A fast Hammer tuck against the paper on the appropriate character of each band. The expertise and are splash a line on a full rotation.
Laser printers are non-impact page printers. Laser printers have been in use in computer systems since the 1970s. They were first used in Mainframe Computer. In the 1980s, laser printers were worth about $ 3000. These printers are nowadays more are popular because they are capable of printing text and graphics in relatively fast and high quality. Most laser printers have an extra micro Processor (Ram) and ROM (Rom) are used, this printer also prints on paper only through dots, but these dots are very small and Due to the close proximity there are very clear prints. Cartridge is used in this printer, inside which the ink (ink) is filled in. The method of working of laser printer is basically like a photocopy machine. But in photocopying High light is used in the sheen. Laser Printer prints resolutions from 300 to 600 DPI (Dot per Inch) or even higher. Color laser printers provide high quality color output and have special toner in which particles of different colors are available, these printers are very expensive because their printing speed is high and it can print the output on the plastic seat or other seat.
A photo printer is a color printer that prints on the quality photo paper of the photo lab. It can be used for printing documents. These printers have a large number of nozzles, which are very good inks for very good quality images. Prints drops.

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