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Friday, October 11, 2019

What is cd

What is Compact Disc?
A Compact Disc is an optical disk or a computer storage disk that stores data digitally, in computers, Compact Disc is a portable and secondary storage device commonly used as a CD.
History of CD-ROM
Compact disks are all used to protect digital data.
If we talk about its history, it was first developed in 1982 in partnership with Philips and Sony Company. When it was created, it was used only to preserve Audio Recording Data and later it was used in the Digital Data Store, at the same time it was upgraded in two forms -
1-CD-R Compact Disc Readable
In this type of CD, we can only read the recorded data only once.
2- CD - RW Compact Disc Read / Write
In these types of CDs, we can both read / write the data.

If we talk about its structure and technology -

Media Type - Optical Disc
Encoding - Various Type
Storage Capacity - 700MB
Reading Capacity - 1200Kb (1x)
Writing Capacity - 1200Kb (1x)
How much data can be stored in CD?
By the way, Compact Disc comes in many sizes but the size of a normal CD is 4.7 in Capacity is 700 MB but it can store data up to 737 MB.
How to store data in CD
You know, the computer only understands the binary language. Optical disc CD ROM uses high intensity and low intensity laser beam to read the data to store the data in binary form.CD Writer is used to store data in a compact disc. High intensity laser rays when it falls on the CD make you pit on the CD and nowhere else where the pits are made, it represents 1 in the binary. And where the crater is not built, it is called land. It represents 0 in the binary. In this way the data is written to the CD. This data is now low intensity laser rays are used to read. The CD rotates on its track and the laser light comes in the pits and land in the CD. Reflects and comes back in this way, the light is converted into an electric signal and the data is read.
Important facts about CD
Prior to Compact Disc, a floppy disk was used as a secondary storage device, which was a Magnetic Storage. The storage capacity of a floppy disk was only between 1.44 megabytes to 2.8 megabytes whereas compact discs. The storage capacity is 700mb which can store around 800 floppy data.
Compact Disc is more popular than other magnetic devices because one could store more data in it and at the same time it was not easily damaged, they are very light and political and they can be used for long time Can be broken and kept once the CD is written, it can be used many times and even if light scratches are applied, your data is not T does not

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